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Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas (MARA) Database
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A number of resources are available for you to figure out the Atlas Block for your amphibian and reptile sightings.

MERLIN Online Website:

Click the link above, then the “Living Resources” box. (You can also click the arrow next to it to turn off extraneous layers, but this isn’t necessary.) Click the blue “i” button at the top and then the place of interest to pop up the Atlas Block name.

Download KML files to upload into Google Earth:

Click the link above, then scroll about 2/3 of the way down the MARA Resources list to find instructions and a link to downloadable Quad and Block grid files.

GPS Coordinates:

If you supply the GPS coordinates (or street address) of your sighting to the Project Coordinator or your County Coordinator, they can look up your Atlas Block for you.